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Maria, ever helpful to heal the mind from civilization's alienation.

“Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Drugs Use”, an evangelical theologian discusses the link between religion and prohibition and concludes that the latter is the present day version of the Inquisition. Freedom of drugs use is a condition for the preservation of freedom of religion and of democracy. By Michael Kleim

“Attacks on sustainable societies: the Wixarika answer”: a few thoughts on the sustainability oriented attitude of the Wixárika (Huichol in English) people of Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidental at the occasion of the campaign for their nomination for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. The main points concern the way they protect their environment and safeguard their culture through the absorption of history in their myths, the access of all Huichols to the insights (nierika) peyote provides and their rejection of institutionalized power. By Adriaan Bronkhorst

"Spirituality and Cannabis", a laic's view of the extatic high experienced under the influence of cannabis on the mind. The spiritual content of the experience is explained and the historical development of its prohibition traced back to ancient times. By Frans Bronkhorst