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Manila, person executed for drugs use


Worldwide prohibition of consciousness altering substances by the governments of our United Nations seemed the ultimate way to consolidate control over the human mind at the exclusion of the state of ecstasy, in which the mind is momentarily left behind and the person re-integrates the unity of being.
As prohibition violated from its onset all traditional belief systems listening to plant teachers, the diabolic character of ‘drug taking’ needed to be established, once and for all and everywhere, so as to brand the existential necessity of the interdiction in the human DNA. Thus Evil was created and heroically combatted with zero tolerance by the international community, under the aegis of the United States and legitimized by the 1961 Single Convention. The human search for interconnectedness with the surrounding world, with the whole cosmos, the primeval search for life, was to be punished by a rigorous regime of sanctions, death penalty included.
One generation after Hitler’s departure from Austria, Vienna was chosen to house the UN drug control policy and a former Austrian Nazi intelligence officer to oversee its coming of age. In the ensuing decades it appeared that in spite of the memory of the holocaust, a new scapegoat had been created, a human so wicked that a permanent warning system had to be set up to tackle the menace. The UN Office of Drugs and Crime, stigmatizing all those involved with the prohibited substances and put in charge of their persecution, has incited since its inception to what in 2018 cannot be called otherwise but genocide.

Of course, prohibition formally is genocide-proof, as no ethnic, gender, national, race, religion, or other criterium forbidden for discrimination is used as ground for its justification. However, around the world the war against drugs is also the war against minorities protected by human rights, but minorities that their governments nevertheless wish to control, subordinate, lock up or even exterminate.
Of course, the UN itself and many of its members do condemn the openly admitted genocide some leaders nowadays advocate. But such condemnations won’t stop regimes to invoke the real ravages the war on drugs provokes as legitimation for the repression incited by the UN prohibition.

Genocide is an atrocity crime, incitement to genocide is an atrocity crime, prohibition incites to genocide and therefore has to stop.