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In the footsteps of pharaoh Ramses II, we like to offer you marihuana for wisdom and peace of mind.

Rastafarian Poet's philosophy*

What is ganja? We know it's a plant
Created by God to fulfill men's want
The powers that be, say man should not use
They use it in secret, yet show its abuse.

There is no comparison between ganja and rum
The former keeps you "cool" the latter makes you glum
Rum as we know is an agent of death
With the using of ganja you draw new breath.

The taking of rum has eaten out our head
They who continue to take it will wind up dead
Remember, one is created, the other manufactured
On the evils of men we have always lectured.

So cast not your verdict before making a test
True conscience in you will show you the best
For rum as we know will pronounce your doom
All hail to great ganja, the solvent of gloom.

* From The Rastafarians, by Leonhard E. Barrett Sr.