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Herewith the Drugs Peace Institute has the honour to present to you the nomina-tion of Mr. José Alberto Mujica Cordano, president of Uruguay, for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for his contribu-tion to world peace by lega-lising cannabis cultivation and trade in his country. By taking this first step towards an end to the war on drugs...
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Dear brother Francis,
Herewith we, the Mambo Social Club of Hasselt (Bel-gium) and the Cannabis Social Club of Maribor (Slo-venia)... Although the Catho-lic Church wages a war against us, we come in peace.
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In August 2012, the ex-Tupa-maro and actual president of Uruguay, José Mujica, sent a bill to legalize the consump-tion and cultivation of canna-bis to the Uruguayan con-gress.
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If there is one single product that defines South America, it certainly is the coca leaf.
Mama Coca, she is reverent-ly called by the indigenous peoples that venerate her for the reinvigorating quality.
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The religiosity of the marihu-ana user is essentially not tied to a doctrine. On the contrary, it is directed against all forms of doctrine. In the way that in Vedic mythology the god Indra, fortified by marihuana, kills the dragon






Series of 10 personalized stamps, issued by the VOC ( acronym in Dutch for the Alliance for the Abolition of Cannabis Prohibition), to honour The Netherland's policy of tolerance and the industry it allowed to flourish. A collector's item, they can still be use for postal service.
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Series of 10 personalized stamps, issued by the DPI, as a gift for cocalero president Evo Morales, and accompanied with a message from Saint Nicolas warning mr. Morales not to abuse of the cannabis plant and to respect it's growers and consumers.