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1996, Window of the Drugs Peace House in the Spuistraat 2, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We are a loosely organized group of friends and like-minded people - many of which are users of mind-altering substances - trying to make sense of the experience while at the same time analysing the reasons for their prohibition and participating of endeavors to soften its impact and to bring it as soon as possbile to an end..

At irregular intervals we organize actions to further our goals. Over the past two years we haven undertaken different actions to highlight and defend the use of marihuana and peyote, and to denounce the responsibility of the United Nations and individual governments for the wave of genocide of drugs users spreading over Asia and Latin-America.

We operate under the name of "Drugs Peace", a term we coined in 1994, but the idea of which had already been expressed in 1972 in a Request to the UN by the Batéké chief of Nsa from the People’s Republic of Congo.