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The spiritual experience: a leap of the heart

Contrary to accepted opinion, a genuine spiritual experience is not purely mental: it is in the first place a physical experience, with the mental part possibly occurring in its aftermath.
The disintegration in the brain of the network of a cluster of cerebral organisms responsible for the functioning of the self-conscious mind, has neurological consequences for the entire body. No longer governed by this integrated cerebral network, the body is momentarily at a loss, a state characterised by a shuddering, short or prolonged, or a shaking, that can turn violent when the self-conscious mind encounters serious obstacles on its way to disintegration.
In western society we know about these states from literature, mainly through accounts in the Tanakh, better known as the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. In the rest of the world though and in particular among all those societies that still maintain an effective bond with nature, this phenomenon is still widespread. Candomblé, Sufi Dervishes, Umbanda and Voodoo are but the most documented of the ritualized techniques humankind resorts to in its quest to shake free from the bonds of the mind and attain an ecstatic experience.

As indicated before, the disintegration of the self-conscious mind under the influence of cannabis is not nearly as overpowering as is the case with other mind-altering substances or techniques. Normally only the first experience might reach a truly physical and mind-shattering intensity, but in all subsequent ones the brains seem to have learned the trick to regain control almost instantaneously, albeit never without first having lost it for a moment. It is in this moment of liberation that the spirit makes itself felt, infusing the mind with its light, again and again in a spiritual flux and reflux that only finishes its course once the chemical effect of the herb has worn off. As a matter of fact, besides an initial shudder indicating the alignment of the body with the relaxation of the self-conscious mind, the physical aspect of the experience consists primarily in an increased feeling of vigor - probably the result of the extra amount of blood released in the brain - accompanied by a brighter vision and, not serious but very spiritual, a heightened sense of humour, the coveted ha-ha effect, globally enjoyed and registered throughout history..

There is one particular aspect of the physical dimension of the cannabis induced ecstasy that cannot remain unmentioned, I am talking here about its sexual aspect. It is an aspect that is scantily documented, and never talked about, but certainly experienced. For all we know it is not particular of the cannabis induced ecstasy, but it never has become clear if in the other cases where this aspect is obliquely mentioned, cannabis or some other mind-altering product or technique was used. In the end, it doesn't matter, because it is the essence of the experience that gives it its significance, which is a uniquely personal spiritual happening.
Thus, as the ecstatic experience has run its course and the mind is taking full control again of all the bodily functions, the change of bodily command is accompanied by a shuddering. As happens in the sexual act, the self disappeared momentarily in the union with the other. Unlike the sexual act, in the mystical union there is neither sexual arousal of the body nor sexual intercourse, hence no ejaculation. But when the shuddering announces the end of the state of union, just as in the sexual act the shudder leaves the body through the sexual organ, specifically through the foreskin. This is the moment all men know from their amorous encounters, especially the very first one, when after regaining our self-conscious composure, feelings of bliss overwhelm us.