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Process for the Nomination and Selection for the Nobel Peace Prize

Who is eligible for the Prize?
The eligible candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize are those persons presented by qualified nominators (see below.)

Who can nominate Candidates for the Prize?
- Members of national parliaments and governments
- Members of international courts of justice
- University rectors; professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology
- Directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes

Presentation of Documents
In order to remain open to the various ways in which the qualities of a candidate may be conveyed, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has not introduced a special nomination submission form. The nomination need not be lengthy, but should include:
- the name of the candidate
- an explanation of why the individual or organisation is considered by the nominator to be a worthy candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize
- and the name, title and academic or professional affiliation of the nominator.

Methods of presenting the Nomination
- For the nomination of President Mujica the Drugs Peace Institute will receive the nominations, as of the 1st of May, 2013, by email, send to The nomination can be written directly into the body of the email, or added in a scan with letterhead attesting to your nomination capacity
- as of September 1, 2013, the nominations can be presented also to the Norwegian Nobel Committee. or by regular mail to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Hendrik Ibsen gate 51, 0255 Oslo, Norway
- the Drugs Peace Institute asks all those nominators who do send their nomination directly to Oslo, to send us a copy to
- January 31st 2014 is the closing date for the presentation of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize nominations; that same afternoon the Institute will officially deliver all the nominations and copies received to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Selection and Ceremony
After a process of evaluation and elimination the Norwegian Nobel Committee will choose one or more laureates during the month of October; on December 10th the laureates will receive their prize in an official ceremony in Oslo, Norway.