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Declaration of the
Coalition of Latin-American Cannabis Activists
at the occasion of the
IV Latin-American Conference on Drugs Policies

We, civil organizations for the reform of drugs policies and the defense of the rights of the consumers and non-commercial growers of cannabis, members of the Cannabic Movement of Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, organized regionally through the Coalition of Latin-American Cannabis Activists, are pleased with the realization of the fourth edition of the Latin-American Conference on Drugs and we are grateful for the attention received and the given to us to make this declaration.

We reaffirm our basic demands for auto-cultivation and Cannabis Social Clubs. We support all measures that separate cannabis from illegal markets y recommend cannabis regulation through not-for-profit mechanisms.

We propose to the representatives of all those organizations present, that they include in their activities and events the theme of cannabis, its role in the reform of drugs policies, in harm reduction and in the different aspects in which they can be useful to society.

We claim of the governments of our countries to proceed from discourse on the necessity to modify drugs policies, to concrete actions. We remind them that in two states of the US regulated sale of marihuana was approved, that Holland retreated in its intent to limit de Coffee Shops and that in Latin-America Uruguay is taking important decisions in this respect, for the well-being of its citizens. We appreciate the intention of the international organisms to hold a new UNGASS meeting in 2016, but it is evident that the reform is happening now and that we will not wait; for which reason we keep calling on cannabis consumers to cultivate their own plants.

We greet the Colombian cannabis movement and take advantage of the occasion to express our interest in getting to know it better, assured that we can work together and that united we can obtain more results. We also extend our greetings to the cultivators of other plants and remind our leaders that it is impossible to prohibit nature.

Bogota, December 6th, 2012