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CLAC Statutes


1. All the organizations are guided by two main principles:
a. defend personal cultivation as a right, and
b. propose the Cannabis Social Clubs for-non-profit, as the best alternative to regulate the use of marihuana in the region.

2. Each country can be represented in the CLAC by a maximum of 2 organizations with right to speak and vote, and among all of them they will form an Assembly.
a. all votes are equal in the Assembly
b. the Assembly has the power to decide on any issue it considers convenient and will take its decisions in the following manner:
i. by simple majority (50%+1) on general issues
ii. by qualified majority (2/3 of the members with right to vote) when issue about the modification of the structure and the rules of the CLAC are concerned. Moreover, members who repeatedly do not vote can be penalized by expulsion from the Assembly.
c. other organizations can be adherents of CLAC
d. all the member organizations must have knowledge, public involvement and a genjuine interest for the plant.

3. An Executive Secretary, chosen by the Assembly for the duration of one year and re-eligible, will coordinate communication and regional actions to be undertaken.

4. The Executive Secretary, through internal web communication, will be commissioned to:
a. transmit internal communications
b. promote proposals for communal actions
c. coordinate regional actions
d. initiate actions