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Le Grand Bouquet
Le Grand Bouquet Cannabique comprises a group of courageous cannabis activists, who have agreed to bear witness to the discrimination of some 5 million men and women in their home country, France, persecuted for their consumption preference for the cannabis sativa plant. Their testimonies before the Nobel Committee on the occasion of their nomination for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize constitute an offense under French law which prohibits presenting the cannabis plant in a favorable light. Despite their criminal prosecution foreseen by law, the members of the Grand Bouquet nevertheless wanted to testify because only testimony can lift the ignorance of their fellow citizens, free science from its servitude and force politicians to listen.

Crime against humanity

At the same time, the DPI informed the French President, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, that according to an internal reflection of our institute, the French repressive drug policy deserves the qualification of crime against humanity and that a formal request to invest this crime will be submitted to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in due time.

Congratulations for the Council of State

Meanwhile, it is becoming clear that the Macron government is pushing science and democracy out of the drug policy renewal debate. The Minister of the Interior in particular distinguishes himself by his mendacious intransigence and his brutal disrespect for his fellow citizens. When he recently also pushed current European law aside, he was sanctioned by the French Council of State.



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