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February 22, 2022

Council of State
The Vice-President of the Council of State
Mr. Didier-Roland Tabuteau
1, place du Palais-Royal
75100 Paris cedex 01


Subject : congratulations on the suspension of an illegal ban on the sale of cannabis flowers

Dear Vice-President of the Council of State, Dear Sir

Further to the letter addressed to you by Mr. Eric Chapel, president of PAKA Chanvre’n Co, our Drug Peace Institute (DPI - Netherlands) is delighted to join him in his exclamations of gratitude towards your Council. Indeed, when respect for the law by the administration is supposed to manifest itself in the honest application of the law, the control of this application can ultimately only come from the very source of this honesty. Your Council, it seems, has given an exemplary demonstration of it.

While respecting the new plastissime language of the French government, we observe that at its highest level the government is not averse to disgust public opinion for political reasons, and that the minister in charge therefore constantly labels all >0.3% THC cannabis 'poop.' You stepped in to stop him when he overstepped the legal bounds by deciding to also include <0.3% THC cannabis, commonly referred to as wellness cannabis, in this libelous category.

Since your correction of minister Darmanin’s policy is in accordance with the European criteria in force in France, one would have hoped that this public servant would have learned the lesson so that he could now distinguish between his excrement and the sacraments of others. Alas, the gentleman has already made it known that he “regrets” your suspension of the incriminated decision and that he will repeat the offense “to the end. That's the strategy." It is to be hoped that your President, who is currently presiding over the European Union, will then remember his Minister's responsibility towards Europe and the moral criterion which he himself has defined: "An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen."

Mr. Vice-President of the Council of State, the suspension in question is only provisional and a subsequent examination will decide the final fate of cannabis with <0.3% THC in France. I dare to formulate the conviction that the Council of State of France will confirm its decision 460055 and will thus give the certainty to its citizens that, even when it is decreed in Europe that cannabis is no longer a drug, you will ensure that in France too, the law remains the law.

Hoping to be able to use a more conventional vocabulary in the future, please do believe in my most distinguished feelings.

Adriaan Bronkhorst Büller


French Embassy in The Netherlands
Mr. Eric Chapel, Paka Chanvre’n Co
European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction



Drugs Peace Institute Foundation
Chamber of Commerce Utrecht, The Netherlands KvK 41213130