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Maria, ever helpful to heal the mind from civilization's alienation.

Nomination of the Grand Bouquet Cannabique for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize
A letter to the Norwegian Nobel Institute at the occasion of the nomination of the Grand Bouquet Cannabique of  Defenders of Human and Citizen Rights for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.
How to nominate
People qualified by Alfred Nobel to nominate candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize may endorse the candidacy of the Grand Bouquet Cannabique for the 2021 Prize.
The Nsa drugs peace offer
During my first visit as a UN associate-expert to the Plataux region in Congo-Brazzaville, we stop at night in the village of Nsa. The Nsa village chief insists that we smoke the the peace pipe and that I transmit a drugs peace offer to the great chief of all the living and 
dead spirits, the invisible Kurt Waldheim in America.
Initiation to ecstasy in the  Case de Gaulle in Brazza
The old building from WWII, built to receive the general de Gaulle, chief of government of the Empire of France Libre, the Case de Gaulle has become the French embassy at the independance of Congo-Brazzaville in 1960. In the early 1970’s I was introduced to Ecstasy in the Embassy, and the doors of cosmic liberty were opened.
The Moroccan colonel, my favorite assassin
Seated on a plane between a Sahraouian woman and a Moroccan colonel, this latter asks me to feed his ‘mother’ who has never eaten with a fork and knife
. Afterwards, to thank me, he gives me a nice peace of hash. The other half he kept for him, to not forget when he had to fight the Sahraouis, that they too, especially at that moment, « are equally my brothers.»
Evo, the myopic soldier of mama coca
If power corrupts it is not Evo Morales who’s gone change that. After having defeated the world’s prohibitionnist forces in Bolivia with the help of Europe’s  cannabis mouvements, he rewards them by increasing the penalties for cannabis use in his country. The coca leaves don’t resemble the marihuana flowers and Evo grants himself the right not to recognize them.
The refusal of justice in Valenciennes
During my court process in Valenciennes for importation of drugs, the Public Ministry and the Tribunal de Grande Instance refuse to hear my statement on the use of  cannabis and coca at the Elysée. There appear to be some republican priviliges one doesn’t touch.  
Farewell, liberté, égalité et fraternité.