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Session of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands

Correspondence with the International Criminal Court

- Submission by Philippine attorney Jude Josue L. Sabio to ICC prosecutor: 
Rodrigo Duterte, The Mass Murderer,
 April 24, 2017

"Open letter to ICC Prosecutor to investigate Philippine crimes against humanity
Global Coalition, New York, December 14, 2017

Statement of ICC Prosecutor on opening preliminary investigations into the Philippines, 
text and video-statement, February 8, 2018.

DPI request for preliminary examination of incitement to genocide by the United Nations,
June 26, 2018

ICC reply to DPI request informing of preliminary examination, 
to decide on the opening of an investigation, The Hague, July 2, 2018

DPI request for preliminary examination of incitement to genocide by Mr. Donald J. Trump, January 01, 2019


- The incitement to genocide by Mr. Donald J. Trump, president of the USA, with particular emphasis on The Philippines (DPI article)

-‘Press articles on Trump’s approval of Duterte policy on drugs/drogues/drogas/Drogen respectively.’

- Follow-up letter from DPI to Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda regarding our request for a preliminary examination of president D.J. Trump,
January 27, 2019

  - Report « A new call to action : for impeachment of the US president for incitement to genocide and for the nomination of drugs pacifists fort he 2019 Nobel Peace Prize”.

Letter to the members of the European Council to impress upon the ICC to look into the DPI  request. January 30, 2017

- Reply from the European Council acknowledging receipt of the DPI Letter,
February 20, 2019

- DPI request for information with the Office of the Prosecutor's Information and Evidence Unit, February 23, 2019

Reply letter from the Office of the Prosecutor’s Information and Evidence Unit,
April 4, 2019

- Letter of acknowledgement to the Office of The Prosecutor,
April 10, 2019