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-Why we ignore thousands of killings in the Philippines: The victims were drug users”, by Maia Szalavitz, The Washington Post, October 6, 2016

- "Defining 'Choice" - The Impending Genocide of American Opioid Users", by Lee H. Alderman, Medium,com

- “THE CND IS DYING - Time to put People who use drugs, evidences and Human Rights at the center of the response. Excerpt of a blog post of March 23, 2018 on, by Bikas Gurung and Rajiv Kafle

- ANPUD/INPUD Open Letter to Netflix to stop Philippine drug war series ‘AMO’ANPUD and INPUD, April.4.2018

- Interview of April 9, 2018 in German Newspaper ‘Jungwelt’ with Michael Kleim, Evangelical theologian and City Youth Pastor of Gera, Germany, "Prohibition: violations of human rights are the result".

- “Breaking Free From Prohibition: A Human Rights Approach to Successful Drug Reform”, excerpt of a blog post of May 15, 2018 by professor Julian Buchanan, Aotearoa New Zealand

- "2019-04 Global health response sign-on letter".
300+ NGOs call on world leaders to address the global health and human rights crisis among people who use drugs on the occasion of the 26th International Harm Reduction Conference