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On its Seventyfirst Birthday: A Human Rights Lament

December 10, Human Rights Day: for many users of mind-enhancing products this will not be a day to celebrate; just another day of harassment, persecution or prison; for some this day will even mean ending up lying in the street, slaughtered by officially condoned gangs of murderers.

On this day of Human Rights celebrations in UN headquarters around the world, users of mind-enhancing products have nothing to celebrate for: it is a day of lament, for we keep getting hassled, a bit or extreemly, but always reminding us that we are at the mercy of the arbitrariness of our persecutors.
Lately cynical governments have been busy devising new ways to make the extra-judicial legal so as to facilitate the elimination of drugs users while taking the politicians' fear for eventual retributions away.

As the US judicial system has not seen fit to interfere in Mr.Trump's incitement to genocide, and with the International Criminal Court sidelined by the president and his erstwhile adviser John Bolton, the global community of users of mind-enhancing products has been left without legal recourse in its legitimate fight for spiritual wellbeing and the preservation of life.

There is only one avenue left open to us, and that is the inclusion of the crime of genocide of 'drug' users among the impeachable offenses for which Donald Trump must answer.

You might think that non-US users of mind-enhancing products have no right to intervene in the political process now underway in Washington. That's antiquated thinking in the global village we happen to inhabit, in which the US president has taken it on himself to terrorize our community and proceeded to take all our avenues for redress away. Today the blood flows freely in the streets of Manilla; if we don't raise our voices in protest and fight the evil forces at work, tomorrow it will be our childrens' blood, on our doorsteps, that will come as a late reminder of our current complacency.

Farfetched, ridiculous!

Remember the politically correct Germans standing by as the Jews among them were massacred.

Do listen to the hideous advice given by the biblical prophet Zechariah:


"And it shall come to pass that, when any shall yet prophesy¹, then his father and his mother that begot him shall say unto him: 'Thou shalt not live, for thou speakest lies in the name of the LORD'²; and his father and his mother that begot him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth."³

¹ Prophesy: by which is meant the articulation of the voice of the spirit within, unleashed by the properties of a mind-enhancing product, called the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible, being redacted in that period (the last fivehundred years BCE).
² By forbidding the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, the priests of Yahweh hoped to muzzle the voices that otherwise might contradict their newly edited Torah (Law), claiming to have received different instructions from Yahweh or any other god still being worshipped in Judea at that time.
³ A more modern rendition of this text could read: " And it will happen that, when some one is telling prophesies, that his father and mother will say to him: 'You must not live, because you tell lies in the name of the lord'; and the father and mother should kill him if he tells prophesies".


Reading this heartless message, from the book said to be holy, we realize that there is no limit to the means used to stop people from enhancing their minds and that no nation is immune from terror and evil. We therefore must act to stop the ongoing genocide of drugs users in The Philippines: for the people there who might be already on Duterte's lists, but also before that practice becomes common and our children might become the victims of a next holocaust.

We therefore invite you to support our request for the impeachment of US president Donald Trump for the high-crime of incitement to genocide.

You can support this cause whatever way your imagination sees fit or you can inform Human Rights Watch that you would like them to transmit your request to Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the US House of Representatives, for the impeachment of president Trump for incitement to the genocide of drug users.


Please find::

 - Letter to the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, requesting the impeachment of the 45th president of the United States for incitement to genocide of drug users in the Philippines.

- Report on the incitement to genocide of drug users in the Philippines by the 45th US president.


Under the left margin button 'Correspondence with ICC' you will find references to the history of the Filippino genocide and the legal reactions to combat it.

Under the Correspondence with the UN button we'll tell you how by responding for the UN Secretary General call for participation in the 70th celebration of the promulgation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the Drugs Peace Institute got involved in the Stop the Killings campaign against the genocide in The Philippines.


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