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July 12 and 13
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Kiev Medicinal Cannabis Happening

The Recovery of the Lost Plant

Trip from Warsaw to Kyiv

The DPI will try to reimburse their trips to Warsaw to the individual participants. We are therefore organizing the sponsoring by the finest Dutch cannabis enterprises, keen on helping out for this worthwhile cause, who will transfer the money to the account of the VOC, (Verbond voor Opheffing van het Cannabisverbod) the alliance for the termination of cannaprohibition, Holland’s biggest users club. (The DPI doesn't have a bank account at this moment, since it has recently been kicked out of the ING Bank Utrecht for the mention ‘Drugs’ in its name). From this account individual participants might be paid for their return trip to Warsaw, while the collective Warsaw - Kyiv trip will be paid from an account opened for us by Patients of Ukraine.

The bus trip Warsaw – Kyiv will leave on the evening of Tuesday July 11th and arrive around 10:00h the next morning in Kyiv. The return trip from Kiev to Warsaw will take place on Friday July 14th.

For secutity's sake, we will communicate the meeting place and the exact times of the trips from Warsaw to Kiev, and back, to the individual participants. Partners of our institute will be present in Warsaw to help coordinate the trip to Kiev.